Wakanda Forever Productions Book Club
Overextended Life takes a look at James Buchanan “White Wolf” Barnes and his time with frenemy turned bromance companion Sam Wilson.
Taking Back The Shield chronicles Sam’s journey to understanding that the shield comes with not only a heavy legacy but Bucky. Bucky won’t stop flirting with Sam’s sister Sarah. The Wilson house is full but very entertaining.
Wolf Tracker is a wild experience that follows Dora Milaje member Ayo and her trek around the world following White Wolf and Sam. The flight to the Raft with Zemo is the best chapter.
Want to know how to hustle world famous art? Look no further than Sharon Carter. This scandalous book will shed light on her turn to the dark side.
Smashing Flags tells the story of how Karli had it all under control until Joaquin Torres got a little too nosy.
Prison to Prison is Baron Zemo’s account of breaking out of one cell, only to end up in another a few days later. He did manage to smuggle some Turkish Delight to the Raft.
The debate may never end. Androids, Aliens, Wizards will take you on a chaotic ride that will have you questioning how one brain cell can leap from one head to another.
Boat Repair with Frenemies takes an intimate look at how an old boat can bring two idiots closer. Mainly because they have to be quiet to concentrate.
The final book of the set is From Here to Eternity. How one mission lead to the best game of frisbee ever!
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